Shoe Accessories


  • CD SlidesCD Slides

    CD Slides

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  • stretch pointe shoe ribbon

    Gaynor Minden Stretch Pointe...

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  • Bloch Spin-SpotsBloch Spin-Spots

    Bloch Spin-Spots 10 Pack

  • Gaynor Minden Fresh Pointes

    Gaynor Minden Fresh Pointes

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  • Jet Glue

    Capezio Jet Glue

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  • Toe JamzToe Jamz

    Toe Savers Toe Jamz

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  • Toe Savers Blister-Aid KitToe Savers Blister-Aid Kit

    Toe Savers Blister-Aid Kit

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  • Foot SoakFoot Soak

    On Your Toes Foot...

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  • Toe Savers Toe Cocoons

    Toe Savers Toe Cocoons

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  • Toe Savers Skinny DipsToe Savers Skinny Dips

    Toe Savers Skinny Dips

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  • Toe Savers PrimaToe Savers Prima

    Toe Savers Prima

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  • Toe Savers EliteToe Savers Elite

    Toe Savers Elite

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