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Why do dancers use legwear?

There are a number of reasons why dancers wear stockings/legwear while they are training or performing, stockings provide support and comfort for a dancer allowing them to move freely.

Stockings help to intensify the muscles in a dancers leg and show an uninterupted line from a dancers leg to their shoes, enhancing their performace both on and off the stage.

During dance classes it is important for a teacher to be able to see how a dancers muscles are working to ensure the correct technique is being used and the dancer is performing the movements safely. By wearing stockings your teachers are easily able to see how your muscles are working and correct your movements.

Stockings/legwear also offer dancers light compression which helps to improve circulation to the feet and legs. As dancers are putting consistant pressure on the feet and legs we need all the support we can get. 

Stockings vs Bare Legs

The Dancer wearing stockings shows a very clean line from the hips to her shoes where the dancers with bare legs has an interupted line from the hips to her shoes giving the illusion that her legs are shorter

Types of Stockings