Hair Accessories

Dancers are always striving for the perfect ballet bun or hair style for their classes and performances. 
There are a lot of different aspects to achieving the perfect hair style, our range of hair accessories will make this process as simple as possible!

Hair nets & Bun nets

Hair nets and bun nets are the key ingredient for a perfect ballet bun. 

Your hair net will sit over the top of your ballet bun to hold everything in place and prevent any fly away hairs keeping your bun neat and tidy.

The difference between hair nets and bun nets is size. Your hair nets are larger in size allowing you to wrap them around your bun multiple times, this can be great if you have longer thick hair.

Bun nets are smaller in size and can only be wrapped around your bun once, these work very well for shorter thin hair.

Ripple Pins

Ripple pins are the bun pins that do not scratch your scalp!

The special ‘U’ shape design works perfectly to hold your ballet bun securely, discreetly and effortlessly.

Available in a range of colours and both 4.5cm and 6cm sizes to ensure your ripple pins will not poke out the other side of your bun no matter what your hair length. 

Ripple pins should be used to secure your ballet bun both before and after the hair net.

Brushes & Combs

A good quality hair brush and comb can make all the difference for any hair style. 

The Kysienn Smoothing Brush and Tail Comb form the perfect combination to perfect your ballet bun. 

Creating a smooth finish and minimising any fly away hairs your bun will be as slick as your dance moves. 

The specially designed brushes also help to reduce hair breakage.

Hair Donuts

Hair Donuts are a fast and simple way to create a perfect ballet bun!

A hair donut is simply slipped over the top of your ponytail and the bun is formed around it. 

Available in a range of colours and sizes your hair donuts are also perfect to help build up your bun if you have rather thin hair. 

Hair donuts can be very helpful for first time dance mums or if you are in a rush between school and dancing and need a quick and easy way to create a beautiful ballet bun!

No matter if it is for dance class, exams or performances Step by Step has all of your hair accessories needs covered. 

Shop our full range of hair accessories with multiple options for every hair style and hair type. 

Step by Step will have you looking and feeling your best both on and off the stage!