Leather vs Canvas

Leather Ballet Shoes

Leather shoes are ideal for beginner and younger dancers, the amount of resistance a leather shoe provides can significantly help in developing a dancers strength in their feet and legs.

Leathers shoes have proven to be the most durable as leather is a much toughter material than canvas, they are a great shoe if you are dancing on wooden floors as the leather glides effortlessly against the wood. 

Your leather shoes need time to mould perfectly to your feet, dancers will want to purchase their new leather shoes with plenty of time to wear them in and have them fitting perfectly before any performances or exams. 

Canvas Ballet Shoes

Canvas shoes are mostly used by more experienced dancers as they are not as durable as leather shoes, however they can be slightly more affordable as well. 

Canvas shoes stretch and conform to the dancers foot shape much faster, making them ideal for dancers who do not have time to wear their shoes in before using them. 

Usually canvas shoes have a suede sole , offering better traction and allowing the dancer to feel the floor through their shoes. 

Cleaning a canvas shoe is a big advantage, the soft breathable material is easily cleaned and also helps to prevent germs. 

Your ballet shoes

As a dancer it is important you find the perfect ballet shoes for you, every dancer is different and will benefit from different styles of shoes. Some dancers may prefer a tight leather shoe while other dancers might prefer a canvas shoe they can stretch their toes out in. A lot of dancers will wear two pairs of ballet shoes, one pair for class and another pair for performances and exams, these can be the same styles of shoes or two completely different styles.

At Step by Step we understand that every dancer has different needs, we aim to carry a wide variety of shoes so each dancer can find their perfect pair.

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