Audition Tips

Whether you are auditioning for a classical summer intensive, musical theatre production, cruise ship contract or commercial gig, here are some tips to make sure you arrive prepared for whatever the panel has to throw at you!


Be well rested so that you can be your best.

Get plenty of sleep the night before so that your mind and body are rested and ready to go!


Stay healthy and hydrated. You never know how long an audition might last.

Don’t skip breakfast and remember to bring along some water and light snacks. 


Arrive on time. Be sure to take into consideration traffic and time to park, especially if the studios are new to you. 

Allow plenty of time to register and fill out any additional paperwork, as well as warm up prior to the start time of the audition


Dress appropriately and neatly in something that flatters your body. Unless it is required that you dress a certain way, choose a look or colour that shows your personality and helps you to stand out.

If you’re required to dance multiple genres on the day, choose an outfit you can add or take layers off, according to the style. For example, if after ballet class you are required to learn a contemporary combination, black footless tights or fitted shorts could be layered over your leotard. 


Be gracious from start to finish (even if the outcome is not what you had hoped). Treat your fellow dancers and the audition panel with the utmost respect.

Courteously ask questions and take corrections from the choreographer.

Try not to stand at the back of the studio, always stand on the sides while others are dancing as it can be distracting for the panel, and never chat while in the audition studio. 


Learn what you can about the school, company, team or performance for which you are auditioning for.

It’s a great idea to know the name of the director, if it’s a company you are auditioning for, or the storyline of the particular show or musical if it’s a production you’re hoping to be a part of.  


Know exactly what you will be expected to bring, complete, or have with you at the audition. Often at a professional audition, you will be required to either pre-register online, or submit to the panel on the day your CV/ Resume and Headshot.

Be sure both these documents include your name and contact details in case they get mixed up.

Be prepared even with items you MIGHT need like extra hair bands, knee pads, dance shoes, socks, bandaids, etc. 


Perform it, “sell it.” Even in an audition class, really dance with expression, enthusiasm, and energy.

Be confident and don’t hide in the back while the instructor is teaching choreography. 


Don’t embellish the choreography unless you are asked to. The panel will often be looking for adaptable dancers who can perform as part of an ensemble. This means dancing the choreography as it is taught to you.

Once they can see you follow direction and take corrections you may have the opportunity to showcase your best qualities or any special tricks. 


Stay positive. Most dance auditions are extremely competitive.

Remember that you won’t be selected every time, and rejection doesn’t mean you are a bad dancer.

The panel are often looking for particular qualities such as a specific height, hair colour, etc. Never assume that you were rejected because of a lack of talent or technique.


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