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Ainsliewear is a stunning dance apparel and accessories brand designed and manufactured in Canada by retired professional ballerina, Ainslie Cyopik who danced for 15 years with the National Ballet of Canada and Ballet BC.

Ainslie began designing leotards for personal use, focusing on apparel that fits perfectly and remains comfortable throughout long rehearsal days. 

As Ainslie began dancing in her new beautiful leotards her fellow dancers asked if she would make leotards for them also and just like that Ainsliewear was born. 

With a strong focus on quality and comfort Ainslie’s leotards are all hand made in Canada to perfection using the finest fabrics and prints from all around the world.

Today Ainslie’s apparel can be found all over the world from Paris and Tokyo to right here in Australia. 

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Ainsliewear creates beautiful leotards for every dancer to ensure you look and feel your best on and off the stage.

The perfect leotard should fit a dancer like a glove, your leotard should be firm fitting but not constricting or uncomfortable.

The combination of  high quality fabrics and superior fit create beautiful and versitile leotards for all dancers.  

One of the reasons Ainslie’s apparel stands out from the crowd are her stunning prints and unique leotard designs.

Each Ainsliewear collection brings something new and exciting to dancers. 

We are so excited to share Ainsliewear’s stunning collections with the dance community and strive to continue to bring dancers the highest quality dancewear. 

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