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Stretch & Strengthen

Stretching and strengthening are two of the most important aspects to build a good foundation as a dancer. Stretching aids in relaxing the muscles and promoting blood flow while creating those long lines we all strive for, while strengthening helps with a dancers endurance and control.

Without a good foundation every athelete will struggle in their chosen sport, stretching and strengthening your body is one of the best ways you can maintain and enhance your technique. 

A dancers body is their greatest tool and must be cared for, at Step by Step Dancewear we offer a range of training aids to assist dancers in safely stretching and strengthening both in the classroom and at home. 

Training Aids

There is a long list of exercises and tools that dancers can use to enhance their technique, these can include flexibility bands, resistance bands, massage rollers, exercise balls and many more. 

It is important a dancer understands how to use these products safely as to not promote injury, when used correctly any of our training aids will take a dancer to the next level. 

Know Your Exercises

Knowing which exercises you need to be doing to get the results you wish and how to do them correctly is extremely important. Products such as the Gaynor Minden Dancers Dozen or Core Strength and Stability for Dancers book offer a range of exercises and tips on exactly what a dancer should be doing with these products and how to use them safely to achieve their goals.

Foot strengthening exercise using resistance band, perfect for dancers preparing for pointe shoes