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What is a pre pointe assessment?

A pre pointe assessment is used to determine if a dancer is ready to progress onto pointe. 

During your pointe assessment the physiotherapist will assess numerous things including, pointe range, control of the foot, turn out, abdominal control, hypermobility and more to determine if it is safe your you to progress into pointe work and if you required to complete  any exercises or anything your pointe fitting needs to be aware of. 

Welcome Leigh Heinzelmann from Ingetrate Physio

Leigh Heinzelmann is a physiotherapist with a lifelong passion for dance and a commitment
to supporting dancers in their journey to excellence. With an impressive 25 years of dancing
experience, Leigh is not only classically trained in the Cecchetti method but has also explored
the realms of contemporary dance, enriching her understanding of movement and
As a Rhythmic Gymnast and Synchronized Swimmer, Leigh brings a unique blend of
athleticism and artistry to her practice. Her diverse background in multiple disciplines equips
her with a comprehensive understanding of the demands placed on the body in various
forms of movement, making her an invaluable resource for dancers seeking to enhance their
Offering pre-pointe assessments, Leigh is dedicated to ensuring that dancers approach this
crucial phase of their training with strength, balance, and a keen awareness of their physical
As a mother of two dancing girls, Leigh understands the joys and challenges of raising young
dancers. Her personal experiences add a layer of empathy and relatability to her practice,
making her a trusted advisor for both dancers and their families. She not only focuses on
physical well-being but also strives to create a supportive community where passion for
dance thrives.
Whether you are a budding ballerina, a contemporary dance enthusiast, or a concerned
parent, Leigh is committed to helping you navigate the intricacies of dance and movement.
With a rich background in both classical and contemporary dance, combined with her
expertise as a physiotherapist, she is dedicated to guiding dancers towards their fullest
potential while prioritizing their overall health and well-being.

How can I book in my pre pointe assessment?

We are so excited to welcome Leigh at Step by Step Dancewear. Leigh will be offering pointe assessments for your dancers and enabling our pointe shoe fitters to work closely with her to ensure you are receiving the best and safest pointe shoe fitting. 

Please follow the link below to book your pre pointe assessment

Leigh will be in store by appointment only so booking is essential!

Please contact our friendly staff with any questions or to make a booking over the phone.