Pointe Shoe problems & solutions

Common Pointe Shoe Problems & Solutions

Dancing in pointe shoes is not always as glamorous as it looks. 

Many dancers experience difficulties while dancing en pointe, ranging from blisters to joint pain. 

A lot of your pointe shoe problems have a simple solution, we have put together a list of common pointe shoe problems and their solutions to help give you the best possible experience en pointe. 

If you have any concerns in regards to your pointe shoes please schedule a pointe shoe fitting and our friendly staff will assist you in finding the perfect solution. 


Sinking or Pointe Shoe Too Wide

Over time you may find your pointe shoes have stretch a little too much and are no longer supporting your foot correctly, you may also be a dancer who has a shallow foot. 


Instant Wings &
Box Liners

If you are finding your pointe shoes have stretched out and are now too wide or perhaps you are a dancer with shallow feet and find the box a little too deep, box liners or instant wings will assist in holding you up in the box. The wings/liners are simply inserted into the box of the pointe shoe to offer the dancer extra support and cushioning.


Bunion Pain

Pointe shoes can put added pressure onto your existing or forming bunion.

If you have any concerns in regards to bunion pain please consult and medical professional.


Bunion Guard

A bunion can either be hereditary or caused by your big toe bending to the side in your pointe shoes. A bunion guard can help to releave the pressure on your bunion, it features a thick spacer to help align your big toe and prevent it from bending to the side as well as a silicone pad to cover the bunion and provide extra cushioning while en pointe.


Bunion Prevention

Some dancers may find they naturally have a gap between their big toe and their second toe. This gap can increase the chance of a bunion forming as the big toe can bend to the side easier. 



Spacers are a small silicone wedge to be placed between your big toe and your second to to assist in keeping your big toe  straight. This can help prevent bunions from forming and also assist with joint pain and toe alignment. 


Pain In Second Toe

Dancers with a Greek footshape, in which the second toe is longer than the big toe can experience pain while dancing en pointe. This pain comes from the dancers weight pushing into their second toe rather than distributing evenly across their toes.


Big Tip

The big tip is an elasticized fabric tube with silicone cushoning on the inside. Wearing a big tip on your big toe will help to build up your big toe and allow your weight to be evenly distributed between your toes. A big tip can also help with preventing bruised toe nails. 


Sweaty Shoes Not Drying

Pointe shoes are made up of layers of fabric, wood and paste, because of this moisture is not a pointe shoes friend. Any moisture, including sweat can cause your pointe shoes to break down faster than they should. It is important for any dancer to air out their pointe shoes after dancing to allow them to dry before they are used again. 


Fresh Pointes

Fresh Pointes are filled with activated bamboo charcoal, this helps to absorb moisture and keep your pointe shoes smelling fresh. Fresh pointes can also be used in your dance bag or sneakers. Activated bamboo charcoal is all natural and recyclable! After one year of use, snip pouches open and mix granules into soil to enrich your garden or potted plants.


Pain In Toes

while dancing en pointe dancers can experience pain in their toes for a number of reasons, one of the main reasons can be that you are not being supported in your pointe shoes and are sinking down into the box. 


Alpaca Wool

Alpaca Wool can offer dancers more cushioning, perfect for your pointe shoes when you need a little more spring or cushion. A little goes a long way Soft, silky, resilient, wicking exceptional breathability, protects from blisters & bacteria. Fun scents keep your shoes sweet.



Dancing en pointe while having blisters can be extremly painful. Blisters in pointe shoes can be caused by a combination of moisture, pressure and friction. Dancing in dry well fitted pointe shoes will reduce your chance of forming blisters however in some cases blisters and pointe shoes go hand in hand. 


Dancers Dots

Cool, soothing Dancers’ Dots reduce irritation, help protect against blisters, and relieve pressure on sensitive areas. Made from amazing hydrogel, Dancers’ Dots are almost entirely water but durable enough to withstand your longest days. Easy to use  simply remove the backing and tape to skin.

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